"And you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you!"

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Reported by Lorraine Shonaman

 In this Year of Faith & Evangelization, the theme of the 36th Annual Catholic Atlantic Conference, August 16-18, 2013, held at Mount Allison University campus, was “The Faithful Witness” (Rev. 1:4).

Michelle Moran is President of the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal service in the Vatican. She is from England and came with her husband, Peter, as keynote speaker. Both she and Peter ministered to us at different times.

Michelle began by giving some of her personal witness. God found me in the wilderness, she said. She challenged each one to reflect on how the Lord found us. She reminded us that it is not how you began the race, but how you finish it! By grace and faith, keep pressing onward! Just tell Jesus that you are ready for anything. She said if we do not get into the streets with the Gospel message, others will with the wrong message!

Michelle said that on October 20, 2011, the Vatican launched the Office of the New Evangelization. Michelle began by saying that the Catholic Charismatic Renewal already knows what the new evangelization is all about.

However, there is a little bit of disconnect in the CCR! The Lord has used us prophetically in CCR. Now is the time to deliver!!! It is not time to sit back; to retire. Get going, she said! She urged us the HEAR AGAIN, to MOVE AGAIN. We have received the Holy Spirit to evangelize ‘to the ends of the earth.’

Pentecost morning, there are 3 things to consider.

1. – There was a communal Presence of the Holy Spirit… a rushing wind filled the place. All experienced it.

2. – The Holy Spirit rested on each of them like tongues of Fire. All were filled with the Holy Spirit. All spoke in the Holy Spirit, that is in tongues!!

3. – All moved out into the streets in the power of the Holy Spirit.

She said: “Do not stay in your prayer groups and just receive.. Move out in the power of the Holy Spirit!

We need to get back on track!!

We are already in the new evangelization but we need a re-alignment! We have received freedom in the Holy Spirit. But St. Paul warns us in Galatians 5:13, to be careful about self-indulgent things in the Holy Spirit which is really not at all the Holy Spirit; immaturity in the things of the Spirit, the Gifts; self- promotion so that we can feel important; have a consumer mentality where we get the latest resources – CD or DVD – gathering things.

We need to learn how to ‘travel’ lightly. Give your things away, share it with others; some people seek the big names, some compete with others, need to accept fraternal correction so as to help each other to grow. Make sure that there is fruit growing in you (love, peace, joy, etc).

In 2010, on the occasion of 40 years of CCR, Cardinal Rylko, President of the Council for the Laity in Rome, said “Youthfulness in the Spirit is not about staying immature” He went on to say: ‘stop being childish! Be childlike yes; grow up; be mature and not adolescent.” Now Michelle said to apply this to CCR.

In other words do not be confused about your identity in CCR. Do not be afraid about the institutional side of the Church. Keep moving – get refocused! Keep moving in Baptism in the Holy Spirit, in the power of the Holy Spirit and be WISE!

This is no time for nostalgia for it can kill the CCR; live in the present where the Holy Spirit is! This is the time to look forward! Cardinal Rylko basically said two things: 1. – Grow up! 2. – Go out! Keep this in balance.

Pope John Paul 11 at the turn of the century asked for a universal call to holiness for the new evangelization. Pope John Paul 11 announced a New Springtime. In scripture, we read about spring rains and autumn rains. In the fall, autumn, the rains water the planted seed. In the spring rains, it is for the harvest time. The New Springtime is harvest time! The New Evangelization is harvest time. Pope Francis is speaking about mercy of God for the harvest.

It is very important in CCR to stay focused for the days of harvest are here and respond as mature disciples. . Evangelization is a basic duty of the people of God. It is everybody’s responsibility. We need to understand and accept people where they are.  Pray for more people for the harvest.

We are a royal priesthood that praises their God! Keep the gift of praise alive in your midst.

How to evangelize is done by the way you live your life. What makes your life different from other ‘good’ people?  Phil. 2:16 says that we are to shine like bright stars because the Lord lives in us in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is our light and he needs to shine through us wherever we are onto others. We need to be intentional Christians! Pray Lord Jesus, use me today. Pray to be alert to the Holy Spirit, to be used as an evangelizer in the harvest field. We need to be a people of hope.

Michelle said not to worry about the decline. If the church is on the decline, then the CCR is on the decline. If the church is growing, then the CCR will be growing too. She said that the CCR is alive and well!  We are to grow in maturity within the Church. Take a Leadership Training Course that we are offering worldwide through ICCRS.

She said that we need to be faithful to our charism in CCR – Baptism in the Holy Spirit where the Holy Spirit releases his Gifts in us. Stir up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and move more powerfully in the Holy Spirit. Do not put aside or neglect the gift of tongues which opens us up to the other gifts.

Michelle called all those who were not yet speaking in tongues to come forward for a prayer for the release of this Gift. She was amazed that so many came forward in a Charismatic gathering!! Leaders, do something about this!

Let us not limit the Lord!  Be ready and be open!  Where are you called? Approach the Lord in prayer in humility and ask him to show you what Gifts of the Holy Spirit you have. ALL have something to offer!

She mentioned the 9 Charisms in 1 Cor. 12  and the motivational gifts  in Romans 12. She also mentioned the Is.11:2 gifts for our sanctification, our ongoing growth in holiness. Michelle reminded us that there is an ongoing outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Read the Book of Acts.

Live more and more by grace. Never neglect the grace of Baptism in the Holy Spirit!  Do not look back! What is the Lord doing with you and in you NOW? Day after day, pray: “Come Holy Spirit into my life.”

Michelle said: Remember that the world belongs to God, so keep a heavenly perspective. There is no more room for mediocrity (Catechism 732). God has visited his people through Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

But we live in the occupied territory of the evil one. But remember that Jesus has already conquered. This is not the time to back up! Jesus has already prophesied this. Do not fear!

This is a pivotal moment; a critical stage for the CCR; keep focused on your call from the Lord; keep on track. It demands a decisive, committed people who will persevere by keeping the eyes on Jesus for He will give us strength.

The Lord is looking for a strategic people. For we are a people with a vision and a destiny. And Jesus said: I will be with you till the end of time (Matt. 28).

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